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Questions For Us?

We want to make sure that we are completely transparent, so if you have a question, please make sure to ask us.  

Q: Can I pick my order up?

A: YES! PLEASE! This saves us on shipping, allowing more money to go to the family! If you live in the Mount Carbon community, please add a "NOTE TO SELLER" with your delivery preference (under your address, when you are reviewing your order before you hit "Pay Now") when you check out (after you enter your credit card info).  One of us is always at school for drop off and/or pickup, so we can make an effort to deliver your order to you then. Or, if you let us know who your child is (if we don't already know), we will find them and give the order to them. Please note this is NOT a school sponsored event. We also live very close to school, and would be happy to arrange a separate time for pickup if that is better.  We have created a form for you to complete if you forget to complete (or just can't find) the "NOTE TO SELLER" section when you pay. This form will also help us keep track of your preferences. CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT YOUR DELIVERY PREFERENCE.

Q: How much money is the family going to get from the sale of these tee shirts?

A: 100% of the net proceeds will go to the family. The purchase price includes shipping costs, but if you tell us you want to pickup your order, the shipping costs will then go to help Matthew and his family instead.

Q. More questions that aren't addressed here?

A. Submit your questions via the CONTACT FORM, and we will get back to you just as soon as we can.  Your request goes directly to our email, so you won't have some stranger replying to you, it will be someone who is very close to the family and knows the answer or where to find it.

Q. Is Mount Carbon Elementary involved with any of the fundraising efforts for Matt?

A. NO. It is logistically very difficult for a school or PTA to help with fundraising of this nature, so Mount Carbon is not in any way affiliated with any fundraising efforts that you see; now or in the future, in regards to Matthew Melena.

Q. Is my purchase or donation tax deductible?

A. Probably not. We aren't tax experts, so we will tell you to "consult your tax adviser", but as we are not a non-profit, and we do not have an IRS 501(c)3, we doubt your contribution will be tax deductible.  Now, we hope that doesn't discourage you from making a contribution, in some way, to the family. We are simply friends and family of the Melenas trying to do a little good and trying to raise as much money as we can to help put a dent in their massive pile of medical bills.

Q. How else can I help?

A. Check out the Other Ways You Can Help page to see how else you can help.

Q. What size of tee should I get?

A. Check out our Sizing Page for more info.